6cab3df5cdb5c26a6004b4abadf3bd90_400x400I am a Franco-Spanish political scientist born in Perpignan, France (1976), and currently residing in Madrid.

 My educational background includes:  a Bachelor of Secondary Education in France, specializing in economics and sociology (Section B or ES);  two years of law studies in France; and, a preparatory year of political science (Prépa Sc – Po) at the Integrale Institute in Paris.
I received a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with an emphasis in political analysis, and I trained as a Fellow Intern at the press service of the French Embassy in Spain.
I was in the third cylcle of the doctoral program “Political Conflict and Peace Negotiation” in the department of Political Science and Public Administration II with approved courses at UCM.  I  have completed a paper on  “The Modern Fundamentals of the Theory of Political Conflict”. My Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Political Science and Public Administration is based on a research project on “Church/State Conflict in Today’s Spain”.
For many years, I have combined positions in the private sector, such as human resources and communication, with my academic pursuits.  Presently beside my doctoral studies, I am a researcher and an employee of the Department of Political Science and Administration at UCM.  I am a also a researcher for a research group at the univeristy, as well as a teacher for certain courses and degrees.
I regularly participate as a speaker at conferences, seminars and roundtables on topics in my field, such as:  church/state separation in Spain; the question of Catalonia; the French political system; and the American political system .

My motto:  Politics is the art of managing public affairs for the common good.